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[sharechat] RBC >>>> Rubicon >> competition >> Discussion

From: "G Stolwyk" <>
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2001 19:46:16 +1200

Please refer to my post of March 25.
1. The results from the input from contributors were:
                                        A        Z
Mean of all data:               48       43
Median                             45       41
Mean of ' central ' data # :   47      43 
#: Upper and lower quartiles excluded. A= End of first day of listing. Z= End of last day of listing.
2. Comment.
The actual results were 44 and 45 cents for A and B. or the mean= 44.5 cents.
This procedure when applied to the " mean of all data " and " the mean of central data ", gives us 45.5 and 45 cents, much closer to actual results than those given by brokers.
The NZSE told me that at the end of April they would decide on putting RBC in the 40 Index.
They would have to be at least 45 cents at that time, assuming no great change to present values of some shares or no shares disappearing from the index in the meantime.
They would then share the 40 index with the FFS and FFSPA ( Fl. Forest shares ).
That is interesting as RBC holds 17.6 % of these Fl. forest shares and - as we have shown- a rise of 1 cent of the Fl.Forest shares could result in a rise of 1.4 cents of RBC!!
Many Funds are tied to the 40 index and some of these may prefer RBC perhaps, if they were allowed to.
All holders of RBC and Fl. Forest shares are waiting for any corporate developments!!  
3. Turnover of shares ( mill. ) over the last 5 days:
RBC:               43.6, 30.4, 12.6, 12.9, 11.4; Total: 111 mill.!  
Price(cents):    44     49     48     45     45
FL Forest :        #     8.1     4.0    4.5    6.7
Price(cents):    33     32      31     31     31 
# : Allocation of Fl Forest shares to RBC.
Remarks: A turnover of 111 mill. RBC shares out of some 353 mill. listed, is high!! Some stake building going on?
Turnover of RBC shares over the last 3 days is similar and still high!  

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