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[sharechat] Beat the Brokers

From: "Mike Hudson" <>
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2001 21:49:00 +1300

Well here it is, what you have all been waiting for, the February Beat the Brokers table.
I promised you thrills, I promised you spills and we have a complete reversal of fortune. The top five are
1. Keith Frankum TPC FRU ITC VTL MSL     up from 17 last month
2. Maverick          RTX SMR SCL VTL MSL   up from 75 (so there Graeme Martin!)
3. John Ascroft     TEL FFS SKC CEN MSL  up from 58
4. Marilun Munroe AIA CAH FRU NOG MSL up from 68 (who said all blondes were dumb)
5. Andrew Cooper TTP CDI NOG FFS MSL  up from 73
Anybody notice a common factor? 
Maverick           up 73 places
Andrew Cooper  up 68
Marilyn Munroe  up 64
Iccon                up 64
John Ascroft      up 55 
Moose              down 53
DF Mainland     down 52
Tony W            down 46
Nick Kearney    down 43
JJB                  down 43
Top broker, Craig and Co at number 9 and yes you all guessed it DF Mainalnd bringing up the rear at 75
There is a long way to go.
The followin post will be the full table but I will have to send it via Will Bryant as the file is rather large
Mike H 

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