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From: "G Stolwyk" <>
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2001 15:44:12 +1300

Dear Secretary / Organizer of a
   NEW ZEALAND share investment club / society, only.
I am compiling a list of books on investment in the sharemarket to be recommended by experienced users.
The list will be part of the " LEARNING TO INVEST " series in the Sharechat Forum. ( There are several posted episodes in this Forum).
Your members will benefit from having access to this list, but I believe that You can also make a contribution!
Therefore I suggest that you send me - using my personal email address, if preferred - the following details of
one recommended book only:
Required: Title, name of author, and publisher
( Please check that the correct details are supplied )
Together with a brief description of the book's contents ( up to 4 lines only; the level of knowledge required to read a particular book should be given, eg. ' beginners ', ' advanced ' ).
Could you please state the present cost of any selected book. Please check carefully that it is readily available. If not, please omit!!
Your club / society and the readers of this Forum would prefer to read books which are suitable, eg. books with a lot of anecdotes could be wasting the reader's time and patience. 
We would rather prefer an enduring list with a few pages rather than a very long list with non-key content!
Hence in sending your recommendations you  have agreed to the following 6 conditions :
1.It may be necessary for me to alter the wording of your stated contents if I think it is necessary to do so.
2. Some clubs may be selecting the same book; in such an  event, the club or society which supplies the data first, will be mentioned, but the total number of ' recommenders ' will also be noted. 
( Some of the main contributors to this forum will have priority).
3. Subject to the terms and conditions and disclaimer of Sharechat, I alone shall make the decision as to the suitability of listing your contributions in the " LEARNING TO INVEST " series and you have agreed with this course of action.
4. Unless you object to listing your club or society, it will be named  once your recommended book is accepted for listing!
NB: Please supply your name, phone number and address when emailing to me. Obviously, the name of your club or society is also needed.
Please supply your recommendations before March 5, 2001.
5.Those clubs or societies whose recommended book was not accepted for listing in the " LEARNING TO INVEST " series, could be listed on a separate page of this forum, unless they object before March 5, 2001.
This will include their recommendations. They will agree to my decision not to list any club or society.  
6.I don't get any fees. Firms, any other organisations and any advertizing are excluded from this proposal.
I shall not be held liable for any errors in the proposed listing of the recommendations or for any matters arising, whatsoever, from this proposal.
Thanking you in advance.
( mr ) Gerry Stolwyk

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