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[sharechat] Doom & gloom in the US ?

From: Derek <>
Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2001 09:00:46 +1300



Adding The Burdens Together:
Taking Federal and State incomes taxes of 33.8% and the average total debt
maintenance burden of 34.1% makes a total of 67.9% of all income. Please
note that this tax calculation does not include sales taxes, property
taxes, fees, fines etc., etc..

But what this basic calculation does show is that about one-third of income
is ripped away by the State and that about another one-third is ripped away
to service outstanding debts. That leaves only the remaining one-third for
everyday living expenses and savings, if any. The new "serfdom" is composed
in equal parts of tax payments and debt servicing payments.

If Americans had not been enticed into going into debt over the past
decade, most of them would now stand with some cushion to weather an
economic downturn. But they don't. So, Americans are stopping their
borrowing and spending - hence the suddenness with which the U.S. economy
is slowing down.

From: 'The Global Report' ----"

>From   :

If Gold is NOT going to emerge as a possible source of diversification away
from the REALLY risky investments, it had better plummet in price SOON. If
it doesn't, it's lure is going to grow inexorably, even if the $US Gold
price does not improve. The call is out: "Gold's Gonna Crash!". It had
better. It's about the only 'THERE IS NO INFLATION' indicator that the
financial powers that be have left.  -----"

(This page also has references to stagflation in the US)


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