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[sharechat] New NBR articles online now

From: Will Bryant <>
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 14:27:35 +1300

Hi everyone, this week's NBR articles are online now.  This week:

$100 million tax scandal snares 'clever' investors
In the biggest tax clawback since the winebox, Inland Revenue is targeting 
$100 million from investors, who bought into a complex share scheme, and 
has referred some aspects of the deal to the Serious Fraud Office.

Vodafone springs prepay cellphone : export scamsters
Quick-thinking Vodafone customers are buying its phones in bulk and 
flogging them off overseas, the telco revealed yesterday.

NZSE asked to probe Montana trading
Independent directors of Montana said at presstime yesterday they believe 
key share purchases by Lion Nathan may have breached Stock Exchange listing 

Eleventh hour FCL Energy bid made $US100m sweeter
Greymouth Petroleum, the mystery group that has approached Fletcher 
Challenge about a possible last-minute sale of the Energy division, is 
understood to be acting for a buyer prepared to pay $US100 million more for 
Energy's North American assets than Apache Corporation.

Montana warns other sponsors in TV scrap

KPMG feels the squeeze

Push-me, pull-you change as eVentures can't give away cash

Krukziener seeks to reassure bondholders

Hoggard plaintiffs win round one

Families of failed businesspeople put on notice

Share and insurance deal brings $100M IRD tax sting

Appointments: Owens moves ahead after a costly restructure

Top tourism sector firms rise but others slip in half-year

Report Card

Of Bulls & Bears

Technically Speaking: Adding a spoke to ASX wheel

The O'Brien Column: Sir Ronald's missive indicates Inchcape problems

Listed income unaffected by valuation knocks

'Best option' for worst performer

Frogprints photos hop online to take chore out of going digital

The week in review

The Shoeshine Column: Time to waive exchange's right to rule

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