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From: "G Stolwyk" <>
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 20:10:34 +1300

 I don't think that we can comment on taxation matters in this forum.
H: The nuances of the problems require a more fundamental approach: A complete overhaul of the laws governing any taxation on investment in shares.
G: We have two outstanding problems:
1. Different taxation rules applying to Real Estate- and Share investments.  
2. The application of existing laws on the latter.
H: Yes, re (1), MP's fear a backlash if the rules pertaining to Real Estate were to be changed: Many have also more than one property or operate trusts. 
Commentators have stressed the importance of the country earning greater returns from other instruments eg. shares in public companies.
G: It all falls on deaf ears: Some MP's don't know or don't want to know; their attention span is too short anyhow ! 
When you meet them, one eye looks at you while the other tries to capture a potential voter passing by!
H : Yes, after a while, their eyes become permanently 'set' and surgeons have to realign them! 
G. Re ( 2 ), the government ought to read Australia's treatment of investments in the sharemarket and real estate and try to find an intelligent solution to the outstanding problems.   
H: The proposed organisation of shareholders will need to look into this; the matter has become urgent: potential investors will not enter the market until these issues are resolved!!

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