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[sharechat] Investing offshore in Australia -Not

From: "David Reid" <>
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000 17:09:23 +1300

Heard on the news that the visitor currently in NZ from Frank Russell suggests that Australia is not a real international offshore investing area for NZ. He quotes that the Oz market is affected (afflicted?) by similar trends as is our own.
Presumably he means currency linkage and dependence on commodity exports.
I have also noted another comment from David Kurapka on The entitled "Forget Euroland....
Another comment noted (sorry did not pick up the author) - That it is a matter of time only as to when the US market softens and there is a flight from US equities to bonds internally and to other markets externally. Suggested timing is early to mid 2001 subject only to interest rates being lowered resulting from reduced business activity.
David Reid

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