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Re: Re: Re: [sharechat] Telecom

From: "Warner Lamb" <>
Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 17:03:38 +1200

This really could be a biggy,
1.Maybe Telecom are trying to put immence pressure on NZSE on purpose.If
this sped up the NZSE/ASX merger which is very likely,it would save telecom
huge expenses.
2.Do not underestimate Telecom....They are the only company in NZ that makes
over 1 billion in profits a year.They can squish or suck up any of these
small tech tryhards...just look at AirNZ.
3.If you think Telecom are stupid and don't have a gameplan,you're wearing
foggy goggles
4.Do you think Telecom neglected their lines on purpose? I just find that
too hard to believe
5.If you were so concerned about the excessive profits Telecom was
making,why didn't ma & pa smith buy Telecom and get 90%+ of it back in
dividends.because people have blinkers on when it comes to power...Big Bad
6.Privatisation....lets not go there (protection of our markets caused NZ
per capita income to fall from 25% above the OECD ave in 1950 to 25% below
it by 1984.Thanks to Unions/tariffs and subsides proping up our
Infrastucture and Industries.
7.This is a huge issue,our market will be under pressure if our big
companies keep dropping like flies...Bye Bye LION...Bye Bye Nufarm... Bye
Bye ...BRY    byebye all of FLETCHER   and now Jim & Helen may farewell TEL
(remember last year they critisised NAT for the Bendon factory
closedown-Huge news...WHAT THE *&%# ARE THEY DOING TO STOP THIS EXODUS?????
hope this sparks some good debate tonight...

8.Lastly.I subscribe to i4free...What does telecom get from these leeches?
Id be pissed if someone tapped into my private pipeline I'd paid for and am
now being critisised for not maintaining!
FREE INTERNET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Warner (Disc:NO TEL)
Disc:Free market capitalist

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