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Re: Re: [sharechat] Frontier

From: Richard Scott <>
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 22:38:45 +0900

You're not a school teacher by any chance are you Richard? You correct grammar and spelling with the glee of my old English teacher.

Not guilty I'm afraid, but yes, you could be forgiven for thinking so,....I've had the comment before. I guess I'm a bit like Prince Charlie and his dogged determination to raise (or if not at least maintain) the standards of English. Or it may be just the difference between what you were taught at school in NZ and I was taught in the UK?

It has reached a point with some of the contributors to sharechat however, that I have to really try to decipher what it is they're trying to say. The glaring exceptions to this would be the likes of Ril, Frank Fernandez and others who seem to be able to put together fairly lucid arguments for their points of view that are easy and enjoyable to read.

I work in finance here in Tokyo. You may have read articles by Brian Bremner who writes for BusinessWeek (see <> ). I do similar work but with more quantitative analysis for consumption in funds management industry here. Overworked and overpaid but happy to be here.

Perhaps you could give me the e-mail of your old English teacher so we could swap horror stories?

Don't forget to double check for syntax, spelling (see shocking example below), run-on sentences, punctuation, etc., etc., before you press that send button!



Once again, my apologies for not adding one iota to the collective knowledge of sharechat readers as far as NZ stocks are concerned. I do enjoy the forum despite my comments above.

You may be interested to know that a bloke by the name of Eric Naimer-Roseman who writes the "Global Mutual Fund Investor" newsletter has, in the latest issue (April 2000, page 7), recommended New Zealand

to all his US subscribers, and some of us here in Asia of course. See his web site at

_/ _/_/ _/_/ _/_/ _/_/ _/_/ _/_/ _/_/ _/ _/_/ _/_/ _/_/ _/_/ _/_/ _/_/ _/_/

I have a college who has developed software to abstract &nbsp;

end of day (and intraday) data for NZSE stocks. This has been up and running
now for 4 months. He wants to know whether this data would be of value to users
of stock charting programs (who require a daily update) or anybody else for that
matter. </FONT></DIV>
<DIV><FONT size=2>If anyone has&nbsp; suggestions&nbsp;or possible applications
for this technology please comment or email me privately at

Just thought I should point this out to save you future embarrassment,.......

"college" = a place where people go to to study or do training courses, sometimes also called "university"
"colleague" = someone you work with or who works in the same / similar field as you do.

"abstract" the adjective = the opposite of concrete. An idea, argument or way of thinking that is based on general ideas and principles rather than on particular things and events.

"extract" the verb = to take something out and separate it from it's surroundings. Ex. information, minerals, raw materials etc.

I hope this clarifies meaning for sharechat readers.



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