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[sharechat] FFS

From: "G P Thompson" <>
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 14:11:16 +1200

FFS is still the best punt going at the moment. If the following bears out then there is still 100% in there.
I have lifted this from the NZ Herald forum dated 21st April 2000.
Yes - being close to a number of relevant sources, I hear that between 3-6 tenders have already been made (late March) and that currently those parties are extending their due diligence with regards to matters such as the Citic court case. The tenders are rumoured to have been at a huge premium to the trading price of 80c even as of yesterday. The outright sale is the preferred option of the FCF board, led by Rod Deane, and is the likely option. The price is more likely to fetch much closer to $NZ2 than the $1.5 mentioned in an earlier thread. i am also aware of prominent NZ funds taking a huge position on the stock slowly in the last few days. when will an announcement be made? this could be anywhere between 1 day and 6 months but is much more likely to be far sooner, rather than later. buy buy buy - no exceptions, just buy. as for building, they will be taking the same path - however, later in the year as their cashflow position is not as urgent as forests.

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