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Re: [sharechat] SVY/AQL comments

From: "hugh webber" <>
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2000 14:31:25 +1300

come off it Robert! if you took the trouble to read back over the last
several weeks posts you'd find several shady matters which investors
have raised re AQL. Ok, if you're lucky AQL might yet deliver but at 
the mo its like the curate's egg - good in parts.
Far from being naive I think Rob showed the sort of maturity that this
site could do with a lot more of, plus a depth of experience and knowledge
in tech stocks in the U.S. 
Really its just another example of what I have already raised; anyone 
daring to make any slightly critical comment about any NZ tech stock 
at all gets immediately savaged.
I'm hoping to see more meaningful and intelligent comments from
Rob Henderson in future. I note that some of our more meaningful
and intelligent commentators like Phil Eriksen have already disappeared
after that sort of carry-on.
Are we just a PR machine for people who have taken risky positions
in AQL and SVY?
Isn't it strange and wonderful that NZ automatically has much better
tech stocks than anywhere else in the world? stocks that should
be immune from all criticism, unlike tech stocks anywhere else?
Have a look at the message boards 'Other International Shares' and you'll 
find a posting from the UK of a page of UK techs that have already
gains of several thousand per cent and UK tech funds like Finsbury
that already have the track record and that are likely to easily outdo SVY
and AQL
with one hand tied behind their back.


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