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[sharechat] FW: virus warning

From: "Wedde, John" <>
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 1999 08:51:26 +1300

I received this from our network controller this morning. I get warnings
like this from time to time but never yet one so strongly worded.
Please be warned and pass this message on.
-----Original Message-----
From: De Groote, Edwin 
Sent: Wednesday, 3 November 1999 15:17
To: All CIT Staff; All CIT Students
Subject: FW: virus warning

Hi all,
You may receive via Email an apparently harmless Budweiser screensaver
opened you will lose EVERYTHING on your PC. Your hard disk will be
completely destroyed and the person who sent you the message will have
access to your name and password via the Internet. As far as we
know this virus was circulated yesterday morning. It's a new virus and
extremely dangerous. Please copy this information and Email it to everyone
in your address book. We need to do all we can to block this virus. AOL,
Demon and now BT Internet has confirmed how dangerous it is and there is no
Anti-Virus program as yet which is capable of destroying it. Please take all
necessary precautions and pass this information on to your friends,
acquaintances and work colleagues"

Thank your very much,
Edwin de Groote
Manager IT Services

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