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Re: [sharechat] Mutual Funds

From: "Mark Hubbard" <>
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 1999 23:31:30 +1200

Hi Brian

No, I only meant that I would not be investing into the US stock market, not
overseas shares in general. Europe and Asia (ex Japan) look okay.

In the past I have always invested in overseas equities by using NZ unit
trusts, however, over the last two years especially I have become
dissatisfied with these. The biggest problem with them is that I do not
classify myself as a share trader, thus should not be taxed on capital
gains, however, all of the active unit trusts, (ie, most of them) have to
pay tax on both realised and unrealised capital gains. The income that I'm
investing has already had tax paid on it once, so I do not want to be paying
again on it when invested (at least not on capital gains). For this reason
I've lately been looking on investing in UK Investment Trusts, which are not
taxed on capital gains. Also, through these trusts you can invest
selectively not only in any region of the world, but also many different

Check out

I can't remember who gave me this address through this forum, but the site
is excellent.

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